Misalignments of the teeth and jaws are caused in children often by habits such as sucking the thumb or "pacifier " . What parents can do to avoid misalignments and what can be done if such misalignments are present, visit our website or in any case a personal interview with one of our specialists.
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Brushing technique

Brushing is essential for healthy teeth and a healthy mouth. Which toothbrush is right for you or your child? Quite simply: the one me of you works best for you. It does not have the luxury model. More important is that the teeth are brushed thoroughly and regularly.

The dental care is a little more difficult if you have a fixed brace. There are special brushes that make cleaning easier and provide even in hard to reach places, for. Example, under the wire, Remedy.

Proper brushing technique
The teeth must be cleaned immediately after each main meal and in addition to any sugary snack in the order listed:

Particularly thoroughly once a day (preferably in the evening). The outer and inner surfaces to be brushed up and gumline.

To check the cleaning equipment in the mirror has to be observed. The toothbrush should have a short, narrow brush head and be replaced when the bristles diverge.

  • Interior surfaces: Before the rear surface of the rearmost tooth right forward and continue to the rearmost tooth left with little up and down movements.
  • Chewing surfaces: Up and down from back to front with small movements.
  • Outside surfaces: the side right - then left. From behind until canine with small up and down movements.
  • Incisors edge to edge from right to left. Only the top, then the bottom with small up and down movements.


With the conventional techniques, it is not possible to clean under the occlusal plane of the deciduous teeth the first permanent molars efficiently. It is the responsibility of the parents to keep the child in a position which allows an overview of the rows of teeth.

Thanks to a lateral guide of the toothbrush, the stage between primary teeth and the first permanent molars can be overcome.

With small lateral horizontal movements the chewing surfaces of permanent molars are cleaned from the beginning of tooth eruption  until they are done by breaking.

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Speech therapy

When teeth are unfavorable or the lips can not be completely closed, it can often lead to speech impediments.

We are working with speech therapists and advise you on request.
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Sport Mouth Guards

Boxing, Karate, Hockey, etc 

There are sports where it is compulsory to wear a mouth guard. Standard mouth guards often only protect the teeth of the upper jaw. A custom made mouth guard can protect all teeth even those in the lower jaw. This option although a little more expensive, is guaranteed to protect your teeth completely.