There are now a wide range of removable and fixed appliances. However, they all have one thing in common: They are produced individually for each patient and adjusted with extreme precision.
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Removable braces / Bionator Activator Therapy

Removable braces
Removable braces are used mainly in children aged 6 to 12 years, while they still have milk teeth . During this time, growth spurts of children can be used in order to promote underdeveloped jaw means clasp or overdeveloped jaws limiting its growth.

*We offer Bionator Activator Therapy

Braces as placeholders
When children prematurely because of an accident, tooth decay or inflammation of losing their baby teeth, a placeholder must be made ​​to ensure that the subsequent permanent tooth is free to take its intended location later. These bracelets you wear only at night and they are removable. In this way, gaps for subsequent teeth can be kept open for years. A pine correction is not possible with this type of braces.

Activators - braces
These clips are used to control growth of the jaw and regulate tongue, chewing and lip function.

These clips are used, once the active orthodontic treatment is finished, so that reached the teeth and jaw position can be maintained. These clips are normally carries only at night. Teeth change their position for a lifetime. Therefore, it is recommended that the clasps a lifetime to wear, which in adults the occasional wearing, d . H. About two times a week is sufficient.

Advantages and disadvantages of removable braces


    • They are removable
    • Easier oral hygiene
    • Growth can be exploited
    • cost-effective
    • Costs are usually covered by health insurance


    • Possibly slightly fainter language
    • After adjustment tenderness may arise
    • Discipline is required in order to achieve a good result
    • These clips are not suitable for all malocclusions


    We are happy to inform you about the possibility of funding braces.

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    Transparent Brace / Bionator Activator Theraphy

    *We offer Invisalign Therapy
    It can be embarrassing for an adult to wear a fixed Brace, so therefore we offer transparent brace alternatives. In this case, the brace is attached to the inner side of the teeth towards the tongue and is therefore not visible from the front. This can somewhat shortened treatment time.

    A further possible treatment is with a series of transparent plastic rails, this system is suitable for corrections which do not require tooth extraction. The rails can be inserted and removed independently by patients and therefore do not interfere with daily life. They must be worn approximately 22 hours per day. Every 3-4 weeks the new rails are inserted. This system helps the tooth mould into the planned positions through a step by step process.

    Don’t hesitate to ask us about the different possible brace treatments.
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    Fixed Braces

    Who does not want a smile like the Hollywood stars? With fixed braces this dream can come true.

    How exactly does a fixed brace work?

    Fixed braces also known as brackets (small plates) are bonded to the teeth. These brackets are then supported by a sheet of elastic metal. This strong pressure holds the teeth into place shaping them into the desired arch. As the braces are fixed they have a permanent effect on the teeth and the desired effect is achieved in a very short period of time. 
    To achieve even faster results individualized sheets can be produced to enhance the shaping process. 

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more enquires.

    What types of Braces are available?

    Metal Braces
    These are very durable and reliable braces, even in the smallest version the so-called Mini Brace. These are also available in Nickel-Free braces for allergy sufferers.

    Ceramic Braces
    These braces are transparent therefore very inconspicuous, and very popular amongst adults, and they offer great value for money.

    Self-legating brackets
    These braces require no wires, metal brackets or rubbers to hold them in place. This results in the teeth moving less and reducing friction.