In many cases, the correction of malocclusions is associated with children and teenagers. The ideal of beautiful and straight teeth that give the appearance of a string of pearls, are however in adulthood possible to achieve - and this certainly only for aesthetic reasons.

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Dental Aesthetics

Firstly our goal is to achieve a good result with our orthodontic treatment, and to give you a radiant smile. 
However, sometimes the result is not quite satisfactory after removal of the braces. In this case, we still offer additional correctional treatments.

Veneers, crowns and bridges 

When the tooth realignment is completed, you may need more dental repairs to replace defected crowns or bridges to achieve a more satisfactory look. In some instances if previous crooked teeth with crowns are newly realigned during the orthodontic treatments, the older crowns can look out of place. This may be even more visible for bridges. For smaller teeth or areas where the roots are dead we recommend Veneers, these give a much more satisfactory result.

We work closely with your dentist to solve such problems with crowns and bridges. 

Tooth Shaping 

After treatment for any dental problem, teeth can be damaged or misshaped. We use a gentle filling technique in order to repair any crooked or misshapen teeth. This process doesn’t involve any grinding of the teeth and produces a very permanent result. This process is very quick can easily be repeated at any time. 

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Multiband Technique

In the multiband technique, small retaining plates, called brackets, are bonded to the teeth and are connected with tension wire so that tooth misalignment shifts over time. The multiband technique is used primarily for teenagers but can be adopted just as well by adults requiring tooth alignment.
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Invisible retainers, called Invisalign, can be used for the treatment of misaligned teeth. With this system, it is possible to correct tooth alignment in a nearly invisible way. The clear retainers form a transparent plastic cover and are constructed based on the patient’s mouth.Retainers are inserted over teeth for daily wear. 

Tooth conditions which usually can be treated using invisible retainers include:
  • crowding
  • crossbite
  • underbite
  • overbite
  • missing tooth/teeth
  • diastema
  • closed bite
  • extraction
Severe tooth misalignment must often be corrected by conventional methods (multiband brackets, lingual technique).
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Lingual Technique

Lingual technique is a fixed brace on the inside of the teeth and not visible from the outside of the mouth. Professionals (and especially adults) like to take advantage of this invisible technique.
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Miniscrews are temporary mini dental implants used for targeted correction. The anchor is set so that the force is applied directly to the tooth or teeth which require correction. This leads to an acceleration of the treatment process.

Even the appearance of minis crews is inconspicuous compared to other teeth straightening options.